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The User of the Site will be able to benefit from the information and make use of the financial services contained on the Site. In order to enable the Users to have access to the site, the Users must have a password/security code.  This password will be provided by CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK under the terms and conditions of the respective contract previously celebrated with the User.

Any operation or transaction, derivative or related to products and services that CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK offers to the clients on the Site will be enforced by the terms and conditions established in the respective contract that CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK has previously celebrated with the User and under the terms and conditions herein established. All products and services offered by CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK to the public are based on an effective and applicable international legislation.

CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK, reserves its right to modify the Site content at any time and without notice.

The User agrees to not using devices, software, or any other tending means to interfere with the activities and/or operations of the Site and/or of CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK, or in the databases and/or information that are contained in it.

The User agrees that upon any interference, attempt or violating activity, contrary to the laws on copyrights, of industrial property, corporate secret and/or to the prohibitions herein stipulated, the user will be liable, and CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK will have the right to exercise any pertinent legal action. Also in such case, the User will be responsible to indemnify CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK for the damages caused.

The User agrees that security breaches to computer systems and / or networks are prohibited, and may result in criminal or civil liability.

The Site is exclusive for the use of the registered User. Therefore, the User may not profit in any way, from the services offered on the Site.