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Welcome to Cathedral Investment Bank

One of the largest offshore banking solution providers in the World.

Cathedral Investment Bank, Cathedral Investments, and Cathedral International are part of a financial global group with physical presence in 7 countries, serving nearly 10,000 customers in 35 nations worldwide mainly providing investment banking services.

* Cathedral Investment Bank is authorized to use the denomination of Bank only in its central jurisdictions. In most countries where Cathedral Investment Bank has physical or commercial presence; the registry application form varies according to regulations and legislation of each jurisdiction. Cathedral Investment Bank could be registered in your jurisdiction but not limited to: Financial Intermediary, Foreign Financial Intermediary, Securities Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor, Limited Liability Corporation, Local Trademark, International Trademark, Services Provider or Financial Consultant.

If you have any concerns regarding the figure adopted by Cathedral Investment in your country, please e-mail:

** Cathedral Investment Bank has a strict Anti-Money Laundering process. The Money-Laundering Prevention Program (MLPP) is integrated by an Internal Autonomous Organ and an external risks prevention consultant that oversees all operations and movements. To request more information on money laundering preventing program support email:

*** Cathedral Investment Bank reserves its rights on limiting the opening of accounts or offering services to those who practice criminal or irregular activities; or those linked to illegal, radical or ideologist activities.


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