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C. D. in EUR



Bank Certificate of Deposit based in Euros


Get the best yields in European Union Euros with an annual fixed rate from 2.48% to 8.68%; no commission with the best liquidity ranges from 3 to 60 months in a Fix and Dynamic mode. *

The Certificates of Deposit from Cathedral Investment Bank are the most flexible and efficient instruments of its kind in the offshore banking.

All these rates are guaranteed to its date of maturity and have no variation on the low (but may have variation on the rise) in the index below, you will find the yields and liquidities of the CDs based in EUROS depending on the opening amount and its date of maturity.

Keep in mind that regardless of the date of maturity of your CD, its yields may be withdrawn at any time without penalty and in its entirety.

The difference between the Traditional (Fix) and Dynamics (Dynamic) CDs are that in the Dynamics-CDs you can make up to four (4) withdrawals each calendar year for a maximum of 25% of its capital without penalty and regardless the date of maturity of the CD with a minimum of 5 days notice in advance.

This instrument can operate completely independent and requires no additional products from Cathedral, to be hired..