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CIB Security Measures

In Cathedral Investment Bank, we use the highest technology and safety practice that exists in the industry, focusing on three areas to protect your accounts from any vulnerability.

• Privacy
• Technology
• Privacy of Identity


The confidentiality of information in financial institutions is a serious matter. Most institutions have implemented strict procedures to staff and their systems in order to protect the confidentiality of operations and customers’ information.

Although some industry systems with “high” security standard are vulnerable to attacks and information leaks, the most serious security vulnerabilities, go hand in hand with the local onshore banks regulation.

For obvious reasons, most onshore countries  demand a total financial opening on behalf of the financial institution to their local regulators, this, although to some extent ensures  the institutions financial stability, this places  customers and shareholders of these institutions in a vulnerable position. Generally, the stock market regulators in the onshore regulations, share information with tax authorities of the same jurisdiction, in order to observe customers behavior, the financial relationship reported, and existing in the institutions.

Cathedral Investment Bank goes beyond these standard safety and confidentiality procedures.

Being an Offshore Banking Institution, confidentiality and information security processes and records, plays an important role in our core business, Cathedral Investment Bank is the most interested in protecting customers’ personal information and the information to be exchanged with financial institutions at the time of realizing transferences outside the Institution.

A Financial Banking procedure surveillance team cautiously searches the customers’ steps when performing a withdrawal, in order for these to have the least financial surveillance possible in the jurisdiction destined, thereby avoiding to place under any risk their clients under any circumstances.

The way in which we are registered and structured allows us to reserve information that most financial institutions cannot.

Information such as customers’ name, nominative securities Shares, and relevant operations, are fully reserved by Cathedral Investment Bank and will not be shared or disclosed for any reason.

Onshore authorities have no legal authority to request information from Cathedral Investment Bank on its investments, its customers and / or its financial operations. All your personal transactions will be protected to the maximum extent allowed by law in your jurisdiction destination.

In addition to Legal Privacy, Cathedral Investment Bank has invested a great part of its efforts on Electronic Privacy as well.

Electronic privacy plays an important role in the institution operations; all processes have been brought to its maximum in order to protect the institutions and customers’ operational information.

Cathedral’s Investment Bank servers are physically located in three NOCs (Computing Centers) military grade level 4. This means that in extreme weather conditions (For those located on islands, near the coast or where there are natural hazards conditions may take place), war conditions, social conflicts or situations where basic services are not available. Such servers have autonomy for a range of 12 months before experiencing any problems on producing energy for their own use and other necessary inputs for its operation.

The security measures of the three NOCs, provides 24hrs surveillance of the staff by electronic means, biometric security systems on a military level and the strictest standards for the management on the technical staff.

All connections of these NOCs go directly to the Internet Backbone to the place where they are located, so there are no government intermediaries that can intercept communications between Cathedral Investment Bank and its customers. Similarly, all Cathedral Investment Bank services run with the highest data encryption in the industry (1024 bits fees).

Likewise, and as additional security measure, the board of directors of Cathedral Investment Bank owns at least 51% of the actions that control each of three NOCs where are ran the Institution systems. This is to avoid any other kind of corporate vulnerability.

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