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In order to effectively streamline the large volume funding application process, and to help you with the collection of information along with the capital raising application for your project, we have included the following guide:

Financial and Consultative Planning for your Project / Company for Financing Presentation

Cathedral Investment Bank offers pre-diagnosis and correction of your financial plan through Cathedral’s Investment Banking unit.

This unit is responsible for reviewing all key aspects of your project, in order to make the necessary corrections to avoid setbacks during funding approval.

This 360° consultative evaluation is performed under a contract with the Cathedral Investment Banking Consulting unit. Yourself and this unit, working side by side, will determine any adjustments and changes needed in your project to ensure the funding approval is not denied.

The funding assessment process is as follows:

Evaluación Financiamiento

Please note that you must physically send your project for evaluation and to determine if you are an elegible candidate for Cathedral Investment Banking financing services.

Evaluación Financiamiento

If this information or part of it is missing, Cathedral Investment Consulting Unit will assist in completing it. For more information, please contact a Cathedral advisor.

Cathedral Investment Banking has regional assessment centers in several countries. Please contact us at the email address below, so that we can assign you to a funding assessment branch near you.



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