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Business and Commercial Banking

Imagine having all the services of a financial group to the highest level of confidentiality available in the world market.

Cathedral Investment Bank’s commercial banking and global business unit is unique and specializes in treasury management and exchange execution for some of the largest organizations in the world.

The execution of foreign exchange services for Commercial Banking is managed by different organizations and regional centers around the world, each one subject to the respective laws and regulations of its jurisdiction.

Multinational institutions are perhaps the ones that benefit the most from the services of the Catedral’s Commercial and Business Banking area.

Cathedral Corporate Banking offers a tailored and personalized service, backed by the professionalism and knowledge of our experts. They will provide advice on managing international, future and derivative changes, and the continuous monitoring you need for your institution to achieve the best possible performance.

These personalized and professional services are offered to institutions and businesses of different sizes with different liquidity requirements.

We have a qualified organization of trained professionals who uses the most advanced technology to take advantage of straight through processing foreign exchange execution opportunities in almost all currencies of the world.

We also have a wide range of execution instruments and different strategies designed to fulfill your treasury’s needs.

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