Imagine having all the services of a great financial group with the highest confidentiality level available in the world market. Cathedral Investment Bank services were specifically designed to prorect the client´s confidentiality to its highest degree.

Cathedral Investment Bank processes, services, Human Resource management, and its legal registry form protect information confidentiality at 100%.

Information confidentiality is guaranteed in all operations within the Institution.

Cathedral Investment Bank’s legal structure, will not allow for information to be shared with any financial authority in any jurisdiction under any legal circumstances. Therefore, clients are completely free of legal risks, financial embargo repercussions, or other similar at all times.

Operations Confidentiality

Clients will be the only ones who will have knowledge of the existence, operation, and movements of their account. Nonetheless, the institution’s security processes shields additional risks for external consequences.

The information and financial privacy offered by Cathedral Investment Bank goes beyond what any common offshore jurisdiction could offer. Therefore, by no means, your banking information will ever be undisclosed.

All Cathedral Investment Bank official communication, account statements, and any printed information sent to the clients, are processed at automated facilities without controlled supervision. This guarantees that information confidentiality will never be exposed to any risk. Additionally, this information can be kept in our security vaults if requested by the client.