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Dear Customer, you have direct access to Cathedral Investment Bank Departments by e-mail.

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Customer Service

Account Opening:
Customer Service:
Help Desk:
Business Service Center:
Values Administration Support:
Technical Support:
Broker Introductions:

General Care Areas

General Inquiries:
Money Laundering Prevention Unit:
International Legal Compliance Unit:
Media and Print Media Center:

Central Management Areas

General Operations:
Finance Department:
Management and Control:
Banking Services:
Wealth Management:
Institutional Banking:
Commercial Banking:
Electronic Services:
Financial Services:
Central Audit:
Internal Audit:
Futures and Derivatives:
Securities Dealers:
Central Risk Department:
Information Department:
Marketing Department:
Administration Department:
Electronic Services Department:
Legal Affairs:
Corporate Planning:
Human Resources:
Public Relations:

Management and Reporting Areas

System Failure Report:
Transfers Report Problems:
VtTrader Report Problems:
Execution Problems Report:
Mass Mailing Abuse Report:
Errors and Broken Links Report:

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