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The Cathedral Investment Banking services are geared to the efficient implementation of capital raising in both the production and service industry projects where there is a requirement greater than $ 50,000,000.00 or its equivalent in foreign currency worldwide. This is possible thanks to various entities, regional monitoring centers and risk assessment units located internationally.

Such flexibility enables Cathedral Investment Bank, to provide comprehensive financial processes including:

Global financial consulting, corrective consulting services and capitalization associated with large-volume transactions regardless of any geographic location.

The process for capital allocation is as follows:

Proceso Evaluación

The total time from the admission of a project and the completion of their funding varies and depends on the market from 6 to 18 months on average.

General guide for assessment of financial needs

All information submitted to the Investment Banking areas of Cathedral Investment Bank will be handled confidentially.

Especial interest exists in financing expansion projects related to a company or existing projects. New projects or start-ups are considered but with a selection index marginally down especially if there exists a risk profile that affects the reliability of the operation.

Ideal cases represent sizes of companies with EBITDA exceeding $ 5 million USD annually in the mentioned industries and looking to raise financing via debt, equity or mezzanine for expanding operations or buying or merging with counterparties.

Cathedral Investment Bank has the ability to advise companies on the sale of its assets or shareholders in the sale of its shares.

This advice comes bundled together with the provision of financing to the buyer to complete an effective transaction. Thus the Investment Banking services offered provide unparalleled solutions to our clients, facilitating the funding of any given transaction.

If you have specific questions about this process, please contact the Cathedral Capitalization Unit at


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