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Unprecedented Security

Security of the services we deliver including our FX trade execution backend is a fundamental element for Cathedral Investment Bank. The client’s personal information protection system is a program designed by Cathedral Investment Bank to maximize the confidentiality of personal information. This protects the financial information of the client, in such a way that the executives of Cathedral Investment Bank are only able to review private financial information when there is an authorization from the client.

All the servers where client’s personal financial information reside are managed directly by Cathedral Investment Bank, our core FX applications are entirely managed and operated by third parties, reducing the risks associated with managing the IT infrastructure itself. All the institution’s financial services NOCs are connected to a Tier 1 backbone provider through the most secure and advanced infrastructure in the world. All financial information services will be transmitted to the highest degree of commercial encryption available, so that the client can be sure that all their information can only be seen by the client.

Additionally, all of Cathedral Investment Bank’s electronic financial services run simultaneously in several jurisdictions, ensuring that the impact of frequent local weather situations in offshore jurisdictions are fully minimized by electronic redundancy systems.

At Cathedral Investment Bank, your information is safe.


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