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Sending Curriculum

Our Human Resources Processing Center manages more than 500 applicants on a daily basis. Therefore, please follow the recommendations listed below to streamline the selection and hiring process:

1. On the email subject line, please include the job opening you would like to apply for. Also, in your email, please include your salary requirements and the name of the website where the vacancy was published.

2. Those candidates who do not meet the specific requirements listed on the vacancy they are applying for, will not be taken into consideration by our Human Resources department.

3. If the vacancy you are applying is not published, email your resume to us; please include the areas of interest at Cathedral Investment Bank.

4. Remember that your resume should include all your personal data; name, address, nationality, telephone number, etc. in order to be considered.

5. All information you provide will be validated; in other words, it will be verified by a Human Resources Specialist in your region.

our Selection Process to better understand how we handle your resume once it has been submitted.

Thanks and good luck!

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