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Terms of Use

CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK is obligated to maintain a NON DISCLOSURE of CONFIDENCIAL INFORMATION, obtained from the User in terms of any provision of applicable laws. Additionally, any other information the User provides to CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK in order to enable the user to access the Site or to benefit them from the information contained on the Site is voluntarily provided by the User. Therefore, each User accepts as sufficient the measures established by the Site, to ensure the confidentiality of the communications that containing such information hereinafter (the “Personal Information”), therefore, in this act the User releases CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK from any liability in relation to Personal Information confidentiality. Any information that is transmitted between the User and the website or any other third party connected or linked to this Site, will be full and personal responsibility of such third parties and of the correspondent User.
CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK assumes no responsibility related with the accuracy of any information contained on the Site provided by any person or entity, other than CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK. Likewise, CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK assumes no responsibility regarding any loss or damage any User or third party may suffer resulting from the usage or any information contained on this Site.
The access by the User to any password or protected code section of this Site, hereinafter denominated as (“Security Code”), is restricted only for site Users who are duly registered and authorized for such purposes, in the respective terms of the contract bound between the User and CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK. CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK reserves its rights, to take any action it deems necessary against the person or persons carrying out acts, aimed by unlawfully accessing to any of such protected sections.
Any link to another site, either through links, frames or otherwise, that is not expressly authorized by CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK, will be prohibited. CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK reserves the right to disable any unauthorized link or frame within the Site. At the same time, CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK assumes no responsibility for the content of any other link. Furthermore, the User acknowledges that accessing another site through an unauthorized link will be their sole responsibility. Therefore, the User releases CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK of any responsibility deriving from any matter related thereof.

In relation to information contained on the Site, CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK limits itself exclusively to inform the User about the content of such information. All information and / or goods and / or services offered through the Site by third party linked sites, are provided by individuals or corporations independent to CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK. Therefore, under no circumstances CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK may be regarded as the supplier, vendor, or provider of such goods and / or services.

Therefore, the User releases CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK from all liability regarding any matter related thereof. CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK assumes no responsibility for any damages to third parties or any user of the Site, regarding the content of this clause.

The offering of information on the Site or associated link sites does not imply recommendation, warranty, sponsorship or approval by CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK regarding such information. The availability of goods and / or services offered by the third parties or associated linked sites, is not responsibility of CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK. Given the above, CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK will not be responsible under any authority of any nature by any matter regarding the sale, consumption, distribution, delivery, availability, or provision of any goods and / or services offered by third parties linked sites through the Site.

CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK is not responsible for any loss or damage produced to the User’s equipment, caused by failures on CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK server system or by the internet.

Therefore, CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK will not be held responsible for any viruses that could infect a User’s computer as a result of accessing, using, or surfing the Site or upon any data, files, images, texts, or audio transference contained therein.

The Users will not be able to impute any responsibility or indemnification demand by systems damages to CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK, as a result of any technical difficulties or faults in CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK systems or by any electronic means as the Internet.

The programs, databases, networks and files that allow the User to access and use the Site, are property of CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK and are protected by the laws and international copyright treaties, trademarks, patents, utility models and industrial designs.

The misuse and / or the total or partial reproduction of the contents thereof are prohibited and such shares are subject to civil and criminal penalties, and will be subject to all relevant legal proceedings.

Any User or person, who enters the Site or to the information contained herein, expressly recognizes that CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK, and / or affiliates and / or related companies, are the holders, owners, and / or legitimate licensees, of any information contained on the Site and any trademark, notice, commercial trademark or any other industrial property right or copyright appearing on the Site.

In addition, the User acknowledges that CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK has been the developer of the concept of and, Therefore, the User acknowledges, that such information and / or concept is protected by all International copyright treaties. Therefore, any reproduction, modification, alteration, advantage or any other use to such information and / or concept is prohibited. Moreover, in this act the User of the Site or any person who has access to the aforementioned information, obligates to indemnify CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK and / or any of its affiliated and / or related companies, regarding any violation to the stipulated in this paragraph, whether abroad or offshore.

CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of their services conducted via email.

Read below to learn more about how we handle your personal information when using our services.

What does Privacy Policy cover?

• This Privacy Policy describes how we utilize the person information provided to CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK when using our services.

Collection and Use of Information

• CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK may request personal information from users in order to communicate and notify users about this channel, information and promotions about servicies or products from Cathedral Investment Bank and its affiliates, to visit sites within INVESTMENT BANK, or to participate in promotions and /or special events.

• When you register with CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK, we collect the following: preference to receive information about products and services, acceptance to send relevant information such as security issues and new security measures. In term, if we implement new promotions, we may request to confirm previously provided data or request new one. This may include: name, email address, date of birth, gender, zipcode, occupation, and personal interests. Upon completion of registration and once you start receiving emails from us, we will be able to identify you.

• INVESTMENT BANK CATHEDRAL also receives and then automatically records information that your browser sends to us when you navigate our site, including your IP address (Internet Protocol), data, operating system, name and version of your browser, type of connection, screen resolution, language, color palette, and Java version.

• INVESTMENT BANK CATHEDRAL uses this information for the main porpouse of customizing our advertisement and the content of emails according to the user.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

• INVESTMENT BANK CATHEDRAL does not sell or rent personal information to anyone of its users.
INVESTMENT BANK CATHEDRAL will share the personal information you provide to us only when:

• We need to share information within Cathedral Investment Bank companies in order to provide you with a service you have requested (unless we indicate otherwise, these companies can not use the information for any purpose other than what has been specified by CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK).

• If we believe that your actions on our web sites or emails violate any of the rules of our products or services.


• CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK may place cookies on your computer and access them.

About delete or update information

• INVESTMENT BANK CATHEDRAL allows you to modify your information and preferences when you decide to do so, through the link of Preference or unsubscribe, which are always included in emails sent by CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK. (This includes your permission for CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK to occasionally send you information about certain promotions or new products).


• IMPORTANTE: Please note that CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK will never send their customers emails asking to confirm, validate, or update CONFIDENTIAL information regarding their accounts, access codes or passwords. If you receive such emails, please report it to the call center in your area immediately.

• If you are concern about the authenticity of any emails you have received from or on behalf of Cathedral Investment Bank, please notify us immediately through the Call Center.

•If you are enrolled in any of our services that send emails containing confidential information such as account statements; CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK agrees to send it under an encryption systems (encrypted files or emails are protected to the highest available standards.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

• CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK may amend this policy from time to time. If the changes we make are important and directly affect our use of users personal information, we will let you know by placing featured ads in our Website

CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK is not licensed as a broker or a soliciting entity in all jurisdictions around the world. Therefore, the user is responsible for verifying if the services provided by the institution are available in their area.

Questions or suggestions

If you have questions or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, please email us at:

Access to the website and the use of its information, are exclusive responsibility of those who perform such actions.

The User is obligated to maintain the confidentiality of his own security code. The User will be liable for all operations carried out under their security code. The costumer understands that the access to the accounts over the website is restricted and that the security code is exclusive to each User.

The User is committed to immediately notify CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK of any unauthorized operations including, but not limited to, the use of their own Security Code and unauthorized access to the Site by third parties.

The User pledges to, in good faith, remove any responsibility from CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK, its subsidiary and/or related companies, for any expenses, costs, damages, or any loss that incurs from violating the terms and conditions here contained or of any applicable law, performed or verified under such User account while accessing the Site.

CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK reserves the right to condition, suspend or terminate, temporarily or definitively, the access of a User to the Site at any time, and initiate pertinent legal actions, if: the User were to break any stipulations of the terms and conditions herein established; or if the User commits any other act contrary to the effective applicable laws, or if we confirm that the information provided by the user is false.

For all intents and purposes, the interpretation and enforcement of these terms and conditions, all parties are subject to the applicable laws and competent Court where the contracts of adhesion have been signed between the User and the Institution.

Therefore, the counterparts waive any other jurisdiction that, due to their present or future home address, may correspond.

The User of the Site will be able to benefit from the information and make use of the financial services contained on the Site. In order to enable the Users to have access to the site, the Users must have a password/security code. This password will be provided by CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK under the terms and conditions of the respective contract previously celebrated with the User.

Any operation or transaction, derivative or related to products and services that CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK offers to the clients on the Site will be enforced by the terms and conditions established in the respective contract that CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK has previously celebrated with the User and under the terms and conditions herein established. All products and services offered by CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK to the public are based on an effective and applicable international legislation.

CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK, reserves its right to modify the Site content at any time and without notice.

The User agrees to not using devices, software, or any other tending means to interfere with the activities and/or operations of the Site and/or of CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK, or in the databases and/or information that are contained in it.

The User agrees that upon any interference, attempt or violating activity, contrary to the laws on copyrights, of industrial property, corporate secret and/or to the prohibitions herein stipulated, the user will be liable, and CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK will have the right to exercise any pertinent legal action. Also in such case, the User will be responsible to indemnify CATHEDRAL INVESTMENT BANK for the damages caused.

The User agrees that security breaches to computer systems and / or networks are prohibited, and may result in criminal or civil liability.

The Site is exclusive for the use of the registered User. Therefore, the User may not profit in any way, from the services offered on the Site.


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