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CIBDer has some of the most competitive terms for Derivatives operation currently in the market! Learn more about each of our operating terms by contacting us:

Minimum Initial Deposit – Open an account with CIBDER, with a minimum initial deposit of $ 500,000 USD.

Universal Accounts – Unlike many brokers in the derivatives market, CIBDer allows you to operate mini batches (10,000) and standard (100,000) under a single account.

Multiple currency accounts – Open an account at one of eight base currencies, avoiding exposure to exchange risk when depositing and withdrawing funds.

Zero Commission – CIBDer does not charge a direct commission for its operations; we are compensated by the operation within the market Supply / Demand pricing and Spread.

Stock Market Operation – CIBDer offers more than 40 stock trading Derivatives and Futures.

Order Processing – We pride ourselves on quick, fair, and reliable order execution. We fill orders at the best prices available in the market within seconds.

Order Types – CIBDer offers an array of order types to help you enter the efficiently, ensure profitable positions, and minimize losses.

Interest Policy for Rollover- CIBDer charges competitive Rollover and interest rates to customers for all mini and standard positions.

Leverage & Margin – CIBDER gives customers the opportunity to operate at a maximum option 20:1 leverage. Leverage may increase gains or losses in a given position.

Margin Notice – We have a policy to protect you from losing more money than you have in your account, automatically closing the positions that trigger a margin call.

Open your account now! the process is easy and simple. Email us at:

(This service is available only for regulated financial institutions)


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