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Five security rules

Five security rules

• Following these rules, you will remarkably improve the protection of your PC. Not only when using Internet for Cathedral on-line banking services but also when using the net for any other activity exists 5 rules which follow will result in better protection for your PC with a minimum effort. Following these procedure you will protect your personal information when you enter not only our banking services but in general while using Internet for personal applications.

Such rules are not all the security measures that you may apply, but are in fact an excellent start. They are as well applicable to own, business, entities and individual computer equipments.

1. Updates & Patches

Day after day are discovered vulnerabilities in computer systems. In this same way, adjustments are performed to correct them. These weaknesses are operated regularly by hackers to trying to accede into third parties computer equipment.

Software manufacturers offer corrections to these vulnerabilities under the name of patches and/or updates. This updates are generally aviableon websites and cab be automatically unloaded.

Microsoft is an example of it; in the same page, that automatic validates the patches volume of Windows equipments and offers the unloading service of the same.

2. Anti-virus software Installation

A computer virus is defined, as a malicious program that can bring damages in the software and/or hardware of a PC. Probably your equipment has had installed traditional and commercial Anti-virus software, to be effective, it should always, be updated. If you have doubts in how to handle and update this software, consult the help menu of the mentioned site.

There are many Anti-virus products in the market; some examples are McAfee, Symantec (Norton), Panda and Sophos.
In addition, it is possible to obtain free Anti-virus software for your PC. You can write inside Google search box “free anti-virus” to obtain a list of the one available and select the one of your choice.

3. Personal Firewall Use

The personal Firewall is a program that helps to protect your equipment and its content against no authorized accesses of strangers on Internet.
When configured in an appropriate form, it stops all the no authorized traffic towards and from your PC.

There are several options from personal Firewall to choose. The most commercial are:
• Zone Labs:
• Symantec:
• McAfee:
• Computer Associates:
4. Proper Password Use
Passwords are the key to access to your on-line account information, on-line store accounts and a many other on-line activities. Cathedral Investment Bank Password, together with your Internet identifier; will allow you to access to you banking accounts. This is the reason why your password must be unique, and shall be well protected.
• Keep your passwords for yourself .

• Do not share your passwords whith anybody.

• Avoid using the same password for all different services.

• Do not make up passwords from personal information.

• Do not use passwords that can be easily figured out, for example “do not use”: your name, birth date, telephone numbers or pet’s name.

• Never write passwords down.

• If you really need to register your passwords, then use a simple code system, for example: write in inverse some of the letters

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