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Efficiently manage currency conversions within your Institution as well as the reduction of the spread cost in foreign exchange transactions while protecting depreciating capital values ​​with the treasury services provided by Cathedral Investment Bank.

The way in which your Institution protects itself from currency risks and assumes criteria for risk and for the preservation of the value of its assets is probably specific to the unique requirements and characteristics of your business.

That is why your advisor at Cathedral Corporate Banking will analyze your specific requirements to design a tailored solution based on these factors. At Cathedral Institutional Banking we think is essential to understand your needs in order to obtain a global vision and to be able to carry out comprehensive management of your assets. For this reason, we have structured our service offer on four pillars, which always allow us to offer you the most appropriate solutions:

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Consult any questions with your Institutional Banking executive. A team of experts will be in charge of helping you, taking into account your exposure and the level of risk you want to assume. At Cathedral Investment Bank, we create a solution tailored to your needs.

You will be able to manage the expenses of your employees and executives with the best level of exchange coverage and the best FX prices through its exchange execution and exchange hedging services.

Contact us to find out how we can help you reduce the foreign exchange execution costs in your Institution at


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