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In an attempt to decrease the incidence of re-quoting in volatil markets, and to help ensure effective market entry for higher jumps in market price, DIBDer has introduced a feature within the DIBDer Trader software, CIBDer Operator Range. The Trader’s Range option allows customers to automatically approve re-quotes within a selected range. For instance, if the range of the operator is set to 10, the re-quotes within ten price pips are processed without requiring the customer’s confirmation. Please note that because orders placed by operating systems are classified as market orders, they are subject to re-quoting according to processing market order procedures.

CIBDer provides real-time portfolio and risk management tools for derivatives market, serving financial institutions and their customers, as well as corporations and private investors.

Our mission is to provide a professional solution for various derivative transactions to all market players. CIBDer offers potential partners a complete and professional solution to market operations.

When you become an institutional partner, CIBDer offers investment institutions a customized platform and services to meet their needs. By offering derivative investment products, your organization can diversify its clients’ investment portfolios with the most liquid financial instrument and best resources available in the market. Furthermore, our online system enables operators to manage and operate many accounts simultaneously.


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