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Cathedral Investment Bank is a bank that finances various projects that have a capitalization requirement in risk capital (equity) or debt greater than $ 50,000,000.00 USD from any productive and service industry, this capital comes from foreign investment funds managed by trusts and / or investment companies for each specific industry.

Of the entire range of products and services that Cathedral Investment Bank offers to the institutional public, the Cathedral Investment Banking unit is the area that represents the highest volume of business for the financial group.

Cathedral has participated in the financing of some of the largest and largest private equity projects worldwide. He has performed functions of evaluation, consulting, administration and integration of high volume sources of capital for these projects.

Cathedral Investment Banking specializes in medium and large projects belonging to various commercial branches and with various scopes and types of operation, with a high level of viability and which are quickly executable thanks to the efficiency developed in said business segment.

The diversity of capitalization of the institution’s funds allows us to diversify the integration of debt, as well as the minimization of financial risk by integrating projects that have the possibility of financial execution in the international fund market.

Cathedral Invesment Banking is your best option to capitalize your investment projects anywhere in the world.

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