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Global Investment Funds




The global investment funds are operated in onshore markets, but managed by offshore entities.

This will allow for yield levels to become higher at the end of the period mainly because there is no additional tax burden; that usually restrains 30% to 60% of the potential yield of an instrument.

The fund management structure (Cathedral Investment Group) is registered in different offshore jurisdictions. Therefore, their operating costs are also exempt from tax levies which increases the yield levels offered to the customer.

Cathedral Investment Bank offers investment funds with liquidity up to 28 days in equities and fixed income.

Although accounts can function independently, through the services offfered by Cathedral Investment Bank, they are usually linked to offshore investment accounts which allow the client to partially liquidate their funds and use them directly in ATMs and Visa ™ and MasterCard ™ POS.

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• ** Cathedral Investment Bank has a strict Anti-Money Laundering process called (Money-Laundering Prevention Program) made up of an internal autonomous organ and an external risks prevention consultant. They analyze all operations and movements; request more information in the area of money laundering preventing program support at

• *** Cathedral Investment Bank reserves it’s right on limiting the opening of accounts or offering services to criminal and irregular activities or those who are linked to illegal, radical or ideologist activities.