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Administrative Structure

Cathedral Investment Bank has one of the most complex and robust administrative structures in the Industry.

The services that Cathedral Investment Bank provides to the international financial market, have been studied and planned according to the current market demands, these products change according to the evolution of the requirements of our clients constantly.



Cathedral Investment Bank was conceived to provide bank financial services to banks with the most efficient execution units and inter-institutional banking services in the world.

Our administrative structure has been adapting to local and international regulatory changes, this has allowed it to maintain a very high degree of financial and administrative flexibility, helping to manage its internal areas without jeopardizing the confidentiality of you and your client’s operations.

Cathedral Investment Bank is unprecedented in the world market, the products and services it provides are the spearhead of the inter-institutional industry, Cathedral Investment Bank offers services to some of the largest banks and financial institutions in the world.

It is important to mention that Cathedral Investment Bank may not be authorized to promote its services in some jurisdictions, so it is important that you check with a legal specialist in your region if it is possible to request services in your current jurisdiction. according to the local laws and regulations of each place.

In most of the countries where Cathedral Investment Bank has a presence, its registration method varies according to the local laws and regulations of each place.

For more information, contact the International Legal Compliance area.


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