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Selection Process

The selection process for potential candidates at Cathedral Investment Bank is carried out globally in the jurisdictions where the institution has physical presence.

Whether global management centers, regional management centers, or Global HQ (Headquarters), Cathedral Investment Bank is always looking for candidates with higher education and the necessary experience to meet our customer needs.


Once the department that has the vacancy has defined the job requirements for the position, human resources is given the task to perform a local search and produce a newsletter with the requirements and cost centers assigned to it.

 In many cases, Cathedral Investment Bank publishes vacancies through local media in order to recruit candidates. At other times, we approach candidates from our global database to start the selection process.

After publishing the vacancy, human resources receives resumes from applicants in the language required by region profile. All vacancies have a specific open period, once that period ends, the department will no longer accept application for that position.


Once vacancy open period has ended, the recruitment team carefully reviews all applications based on the required profile; then generates a pool of potential candidates to be interviewed.

This list is then transferred to an executive recruiter who personally schedules an appointment with an HR specialist and a representative of the specific department.

During the process, we conduct a series of evaluations and tests in order to integrate an application profile for each candidate.

Once we obtain the results, they will be evaluated by the Human Resource Board which then generates a list of finalists who will undergo additional tests specific to the requirement.

From the finalists, we select the winning candidate for the position. That person will receive written notification from the office that had the vacancy. Department
Cathedral Investment Bank

If you have any questions about the selection process, please email our Human Resource departmenet at:; we will gladly assist.

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